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Rescue Training Inc
A full service EMS continuing education center. Rescue Training Inc is licensed to provide all EMS recertification courses and initial certification for EMTs and Paramedics.

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EMS Training is Here
Orlando, Florida

Contractors / Military
AHA CPR (HCP) Courses every Wednesday
6:00 pm - $35.00  -

COMING August 2014 -  Paramedic (NRP) more...
Florida and National Certification leading to AS Degree

Why National Paramedic Certification Matters!

National certification serves the important independent purpose of identifying for the public, state licensure agencies and employers, those individuals who have successfully completed the National Registry's educational requirements and demonstrated their skills and abilities in the mandated examinations.

National certification assures that the EMS personnel providing treatment to patients-at their highest moment of need-are competent. National certification also establishes uniform standards for training and a valid, uniform process to assess the knowledge and skills required for competent practice required by professionals throughout their careers.

In the event of a national emergency, it is often necessary to bring EMS personnel from other states to the scene of the national emergency. National certification means those EMS personnel are familiar with the same techniques and procedures, and can successfully work side by side to tend to the injured or ill.

The public cannot be expected to determine whether EMS personnel are qualified to deliver competent care. The public can unknowingly be at risk of unsafe and incompetent care. The responsibility falls on the profession, then, to ensure that safe and effective care is provided to the public. The NREMT is pleased to offer this assurance to the public through certification by way of an examination that is legally defensible and psychometrically sound.

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